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24/7 TUTOR applications provide a set of highly interactive functions to help you learn foreign language words and phrases. The typical pattern of usage consists of selecting a category for study and then using each of learning functions in the following order:

Each of the display screens and learning
functions are described in detail below
along side the associated screenshot.


This is the top screen and presents a list of thematic categories, allowing you to select a topic to study. Simply tap one of the categories to drill down to the next screen.

To the left of each category name are three vertical progress bars that indicate the scores attained for each of the three scoring quiz types: Multiple Choice, Puzzle, and Write-In. This let's you track your progress at a glance and determine what you need to study.
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This is the second screen, shown after you select a category. You can choose the Study List drill down function or one of the quiz types (Multiple Choice, Puzzle, Write In, Flash Card) by tapping the corresponding button. The current score achieved is displayed to the left of each quiz button. (Note: the Flash Card quiz doesn't support scores). The Priority button in the lower left corner is used to setup optimized study. (see the Optimized Study section below).
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Study List
One usually starts with the Study List function to familiarize yourself with the set of words or phrases. Tap each item in the list to listen to the audio of a native speaker. Play the audio a number of times to get a strong association with the word. Review the list thoroughly until you're ready to be tested.
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Multiple Choice
Initially do the Multiple Choice quiz by both reading the item and listening to the audio (by tapping the speaker icon), then selecting the correct English translation. Repeat the quiz, this time without reading the item, but only listening to the audio, then selecting the answer. This can greatly improve comprehension skills.
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The Puzzle quiz is modeled on the traditional "hangman" game and provides a relatively easy spelling test. The first time you do the Puzzle quiz, feel free to play the audio to help you recall the word or the correct spelling. Repeat the quiz until you're able to get the answer without hearing the audio.
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Write In
This spelling test is usually the most challenging quiz. By default, it provides a correctness feedback line directly below the input line, to assist recall. This feedback line can be turned off by tapping the (^) indicator, to more strictly test your ability to recall the correct spelling.
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Flash Card
Use the Flash Card function to reinforce your memory and develop verbal skills. Try to say each word/phrase out loud before you see the answer, to improve speaking ability. This function was designed to facilitate one-hand operation with optional automatic audio. (Auto Sound switch) Fully automatic usage is also supported. (Auto switch)
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Optimized Study
To optimize study efforts, Priority Mode can be setup via the Priority button in the lower left corner of the Quiz/Function screen. Once this is enabled, you can set the Priority (1-5) for any item as you go through a quiz. Initially all items are set to Priority 3. Items that require more study or are more important can be set to 1 or 2. Items that are already learned or less important can be set to 4 or 5. The Priority Threshold can then be set to narrow the focus of study and avoid unnecessary repetition.
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Automatic Saved State
Whenever you terminate the app during an activity, the current state is saved and later restored when you next start the app. This allows you to use the app effectively for short, variable periods of time. You can interrupt usage at any time and later resume at the same spot.
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